Our Global Initiatives

As a global business, we're committed to assisting communities around the world. Our global network of Capgemini offices is involved in a wide range of fundraising and community involvement activities.

Education in India

With one third of our employees based in India, Capgemini offices around the world have partnered with the Naandi Foundation, one of India's leading charities that works to eradicate poverty. Through the organization's Nanhi Kahil program, Capgemini and its employees offer Indian girls dignity, education, equality and empowerment: the same attributes that our people seek for themselves and the company for which they work.

Today, we're Naandi's largest corporate sponsor of Nanhi Kali internationally and the second largest sponsor overall. Today, Capgemini and our employees have sponsored over 10,000 girls in India as a result of several initiatives. Naandi Norway, the first Naandi Foundation established outside of India by Capgemini Norway, received the 2009 Harry Hole award which is designed to acknowledge organizations working to prevent illiteracy.


Capgemini and its Sogeti division actively participate in PlaNet Finance, an international non-profit organization created to help the world's poorest people fulfill their professional economic potential through micro financing.

Our involvement in PlaNet Finance goes beyond financial support: we also provide technological expertise and critical IT systems support enabling PlaNet Finance to invest more time and money in microfinance initiatives. Since 2005, we've managed the organization's computer system by hosting computer applications including intranet, electronic messaging and online training.

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