Working with Suppliers & Business Partners

We work with our suppliers and business partners to establish sound and sustainable procurement procedures, and take steps to ensure our suppliers and business partners adhere to the same principles as we do.

Guidelines to Ethical Procurement

In our purchasing activities, we pay attention to social impacts and human rights, environmental impacts, anti-bribery and corruption. The ten key principles of the United Nations Global Compact guide our activities throughout our business. This means that we are committed to ensuring that we work only with suppliers who respect appropriate ethical policies and human rights.

Capgemini has outlined “Guidelines on Ethical Procurement” and wishes to develop long-term, sustainable relations with selected suppliers. Should a supplier fail to respect these ethical guidelines, Capgemini are then entitled to cancel the contract without indemnity.

Our procurement procedures involve:

  • Treating suppliers fairly
  • Selecting vendors based on value, performance and price
  • Providing justifiable and transparent selection decisions
  • Ensuring confidentiality of supplier information
  • Risk management of our suppliers
  • Ensuring supplier contracts have effective clauses relating to our Sustainable Procurement Principles
  • Maintaining an “arm’s length” relationship with suppliers
  • Not taking advantage of mistakes made by suppliers

Supplier diversity and equality is encouraged, we aim to allow qualified small and minority businesses the opportunity to receive a share of our business. Our ecosystem approach with major clients aims to foster this and level the barrier to entry where practical. 

Contractors and suppliers staff will be expected to work to the same Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability standards as our own employees, in tandem, we will treat contractors and suppliers with the same standards for diversity and Health & Safety as our own employees.

Our Core Principles of Sustainable Procurement

We expect our suppliers to conduct their relationship with us and any of our clients, partners and other suppliers on a fair and ethical basis and in compliance with our Core Principles of sustainability. These principles apply both to supplier’s activities and, where appropriate, to their downstream supply chain. Read more about our Core Principles of Sustainable Procurement.

Working with Our Business Partners

We are working with several of our business partners on projects to address Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability concerns, particularly around the area of Green IT. The projects involve working on solutions to reduce the impacts of IT on the environment through energy efficiency, virtualization of datacenters and IT asset reuse and disposal. 

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