CHROME is the industrialization & innovation vehicle of Capgemini responsible for harvesting & creation of intellectual property leveraging varied experiences in the manufacturing and automotive space.

Drive Innovation across the Manufacturing Value Chain

Manufacturers today will thrive, survive or be left behind based on their ability to innovate and capitalize on opportunities. To thrive, companies need to be agile.

Our Center of Excellence, CHROME, streamlines and optimizes your business processes to:

  • Reduce the overall cost of ownership
  • Increase efficiencies when implementing projects
  • Avoid risky investments and complex customizations

Our Solutions

Manufacturing solutions

CHROME’s manufacturing solutions are focused on leveraging business process management principles for:

  1. Process standardization & harmonization
  2. Acceleration in typical SAP green field & brown field implementations and the subsequent rollouts
  3. Process orchestration and real time monitoring for scenarios where standard ERP applications are found lacking

As a part of the Manufacturing solutions, CHROME also provides the required subject matter expertise related to both discrete and process manufacturing covering typical sub domains like the entire Automotive value chain, Industrial products, & Metals.

Engineering Solutions

CHROME’s engineering solutions offer a platform for integrating processes across the engineering and the manufacturing functions. The automated transfer of product information, bills of material information, variations etc. helps accelerate product development by removing redundant activities and eliminating quality issues

Digital innovations

CHROME offers cutting edge solutions in the digital space focusing on enhancing the customer experience. Solution offerings like the virtual product showroom, augmented reality based mobile applications, location based services, after sales service experience, etc. provides value in terms of the direct savings associated with the utilization of the available physical space, effective utilization of the time.

Working Alongside the Top Manufacturers and Suppliers

Our strong manufacturing specialists at CHROME benchmark and industrialize leading practices.

This cultivated expertise has led us to build close relationships with some of leading manufacturers in the world. We work with:

  • 90% of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in the high-tech industry
  • 14 of the largest automotive manufacturers
  • 10 out of 12 largest tier-one suppliers
  • eight of the largest networking and telecoms equipment manufacturers
  • eight out of ten of the consumer electronics manufacturers
  • seven of the top ten aviation, aerospace and defense 

CHROME's journey from Innovation to Industrialization

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