Pirates of Vastrapur

We always like the innovative ideas of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of Caribbean. We are all big fans of the movie series.

Why the name Pirates of Vastrapur?

We always like the innovative ideas of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of Caribbean. We are all big fans of the movie series. Since we cannot be pirates in real life, we came up with a name that can be easily recalled for our team, honoring Jack Sparrow and following his philosophy - being innovative, taking risks, being irreverent and yet having our moral compass right. While we are humans at heart, when it comes to contests, we are fierce competitors and here again Mr. Sparrow’s philiosophy becomes apt – ‘Give them Nothing, but take from them everything’. That’s team ‘The Pirates of Vastrapur’ for you.

Why do you think you can win Agon?

Through our team work, detailed understanding and analysis of the problem statement given, we believe we can provide an implementable and value adding solution which is what the jury is looking for.

What are you hoping to encounter at the Agon finale?

Tough competition, brilliant peers and an opportunity to interact with the Capgemini brass!
Kartika Mittal

A little bit about each of you (15 words each):

A forever optimist, movie buff and always willing to try new things!
  • Your mantra for success: Keep calm and smile on
  • Your favourite:
    • TV show :  Person  of Interest, The Big Bang Theory, Ellen DeGenres Show
    • Sports Team :  Follow  Tennis- Roger Federer
    • Holiday destination : Constantinople, Turkey
    • Movie : Andaz Apna Apna (Hindi), 21 (English)

Soumya Shaw
Soumya loves reading fiction and history and follows football, cricket and tennis religiously.

Mantra for success: Keep an eye on what’s behind your back
Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones
Sports Team: Barcelona FC and Chennai Super Kings
Holiday Destination: Budapest
Movie: The Usual Suspects

Pooja Sagar
Pooja is a fitness enthusiast , fiction lover and wants to travel across the world.
Mantra for success: There is a silver lining at the end  of every dark cloud.
Favorite TV show: Friends , Big Bang theory
Sports Team: Indian Cricket Team
Holiday Destination: Auckland , Scandinavian countries
Movie: Butterfly Effect,Holiday

Somwrita Biswas
Somwrita is a charming and energetic person who loves playing all kinds of sports.
Mantra for success: Give your best and Hope for the rest.
Favorite TV show: F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Prison Break
Sports Team: Kolkata Knight Riders
Holiday Destination: Mauritius
Movie: The Pursuit of Happiness, I am Kalam

Shubhra Ghosh

Shubhra is a simpleton at heart and derives joys from little things in life.
Mantra for Success – Learn to take the hard punches in life and move on, that’s how winning is done.
Favourite TV Show - Ardent Fan of Friends 
Sports Teams - Formula One (Ferrari)
Holiday Destinations - Leeward Islands, The West Indies
Movie(s) - Rocky Series, Over the Top, The Notebook , The Holiday
Other Teams