Meet the teams | Indore Superkings

Meet the Final 3 teams of Agon 2.0 who will fight for the ultimate cash bounty at the Finals in Mumbai on 10th November, 2014!

Indore Superkings

  1. Why the team name - Indore Superkings?
    We as a team are inspired by the popular IPL team, Chennai Superkings, the most consistent and successful T20 teams in the world. The team has very good players, lead by perhaps one of the best captains of all times, Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
    Thus, we feel that the 5 of us from IIM Indore are good and capable members in the team and will be able to amass success consistently like CSK. So, emulating CSK, we have named our team – Indore Superkings.

  2. A little bit about each of the team members
    1. Nilanjan – I am a Mechanical Engineer with 3 years of business technology consulting (internal) & IT project management experience at Bajaj Auto Ltd. I am a very ambitious and fun loving person. My hobbies include music, cricket, blogging and bike riding.
    2. Tamros – I am a computer engineer with 1 year of IT system analyst experience in IBM India Pvt Ltd. I love to take challenges in my life and love to have fun too. My hobbies include music and making socially relevant comics.
    3. Nilay – I am an ECE engineer with 20 months of work experience as Technical Analyst – CRM, in Cognizant Technology Solutions. I am very dedicated and passionate about my work. My hobbies include listening to music, watching cricket, football and contemporary movies.
    4. Rahul – I am an Electronics engineer with 22 months of work experience as Network Design and Services Engineer in Ericsson India Pvt Ltd. I am a person with positive attitude and believe in learning more so as to keep myself motivated. My hobbies are reading, travelling and practising meditation.
    5. Amit – A computer engineer with 3 years of Product Development work experience in ACI Worldwide. A go getter and a passionate person with an innovative business mind! Love playing & watching sports, travelling and trekking!
  3. Why do you think you can win Agon?
    We have tried to provide a comprehensive solution catering to the entire business portfolio of Right Bank backed by granular analysis & a phase-wise implementation strategy. We have tried to utilize all SMAC capabilities which Right Bank can use to develop its Credit Card business in terms of customer acquisition, engagement and retention and use it to support the bank’s retail banking business as well.
  4. What are you hoping to encounter at the Agon finale?
    We hope to encounter highly capable teams in the finale who will be presenting their views, may be similar, may be different compared to ours, on the same retail banking case. Also, we hope to interact with industry experts and specialists from Capgemini who will be judging us, sharing their opinion, challenging the rationale and merit of our proposition.
    So, we see the Agon finale as a great platform to challenge ourselves, our thinking, our solution and as a wonderful learning experience.
  5. Your mantra for success
    We believe in triple-pronged Mantra for Success called IDT-
    • Innovation – Our solution should comprise of latest technology & innovation trends
    • Dedication – Right from the beginning, the whole team was motivated and focused to do a good job and deliver a wholesome solution. That dedication stayed right through by means which we were able to submit a suitable and satisfactory solution.
    • Team-work – As a team we divided the entire project into smaller parts amongst us dedicatedly worked to complete our parts and collate them (“Divide and Win”)
  6. Your favourite: (each member)
    1. TV show:
      • The Big Bang Theory (Nilanjan)
      • Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma (Tamros)
      • Game of Thrones (Nilay)
      • How I met your mother (Rahul), Friends (Amit)
    2. Sports Team:
      • Chennai Super Kings (Nilanjan)
      • FC Barcelona (Nilay)
      • Chennai Super Kings –IPL (Rahul)
      • Manchester United (Amit)
    3. Holiday destination:
      • Shimla (Nilanjan)
      • Andaman (Tamros)
      • Jammu & Kashmir (Nilay)
      • Kashmir (Rahul)
      • Himalayas (Amit)
    4. Movie:
      • Sholay (Nilanjan)
      • Kal ho na ho(Tamros)
      • Inception (Nilay)
      • 3 Idiots (Rahul)
      • The Batman Trilogy (Amit)
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