Autonomic Platform-as-a-Service

Harness the power of autonomics to transform your business: Capgemini’s Autonomic Platform-as-a-Service constantly monitors business processes to mitigate issues before they become major problems. 

A New Horizon 

The rise of autonomics has quickly transformed IT and business operations around the world. Autonomic tools and processes that use cognitive intelligence to learn, adapt and respond to new conditions represent an entirely new opportunity for businesses today. Automation can deliver value both in the short term, through improved efficiency of business processes, and in the long-term, as part of a broader technology transformation to manage ever-increasing complexity.  

Faster Application Development Without Compromising Quality

Capgemini’s Autonomic Platform-as-a-Service can help you orchestrate your application development workflow environment with autonomic process that Build, Deploy, Scale, Test and Provision quickly, while maintaining the quality and integrity of your systems. The Autonomic Platform-as-a-Service uses processing and software builds to accelerate development and promote early resolution of integration and software issues. The platform can also be configured to automatically deploy software packages, scale-up or –down when needed and run QA testing of the application environment.

Early Detection and Mitigation

Capgemini’s Autonomic Platform-as-a-Service constantly monitors, detects and heals any issues that may arise in application systems. Using insights and data from your system, the Autonomic Platform-as-a-Service can predict specific behavior and mitigate issues before they become problems.


  • An integrated DevOps approach to application management
  • Increased agility and flexibility
  • Intelligent business insights and predictive issue avoidance
  • Secure and consolidated systems knowledge and business analytics
  • Greater value and ROI
  • Cost savings through automation


Specific Solutions for Unique Needs

Capgemini’s global network of autonomic partners delivers best-in-class solutions, tailored to specific client needs and budgets. Our approach is based on a technology-agnostic philosophy that matches the specific needs of a business with a software solution provider. Our partner network of providers includes highly specialized autonomic application developers focused on the unique needs of every client scenario.
Contact us to learn more about how Capgemini’s full range of autonomics solutions can meet your needs and help your business grow smarter:
Gerry Leitao, Vice President, Capgemini Applications Platforms
Tom Ivory, Head of Strategic Innovation, Capgemini
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