Business Continuity Solution

We understand your challenge of managing your business network and maintaining business continuity regardless of unreliable network.In organizations like yours, which rely highly on distribution networks, breaks in business continuity can affect numerous areas: tracking deliveries in multiple locations, keeping customers informed, handling a large number of transactions on a daily basis, capturing secondary sales data and stocks, understanding market dynamics to know product acceptance and penetration levels.

Capgemini’s Business Continuity Solution enables business connection across diverse geographies with varied levels of infrastructure maturity when networks are unreliable, and even in scenarios with zero networks, by providing offline availability.

What sets our Business Continuity Solution apart

Capgemini’s web-based, light-weight platform offering ensures business continuity irrespective of unreliable links (for example, between manufacturer, distributor and retailer), infrastructure (connectivity infrastructure) and network.

Our offering covers different aspects of your business to ensure your business continuity and agile network functioning:

  • Updating information with no network availability: The solution enables members of your ecosystem to connect to core applications seamlessly without loss of data integrity and security at any time and place. Your business continuity is not affected by computing infrastructure or network connectivity at your partners’ locations. Delivery information can be updated instantly using any mobile with Java and GPRS.
  • Managing huge amount of data and large number of transactions in a secure way: The solution ensures information security and complete confidentiality of your transactions. When your stakeholders transact on the platform, the credentials are stored for audit trail and logging validation purposes. All messages are validated and moved to the central repository. Any errors are fed to the error-queue and processed manually.
  • Tracking information about deliveries, stocks, shipments, secondary sales, market feedback: The transaction status is updated at regular intervals, as and when the data updates are received. Your system administrators and operational managers can access the dashboards and reports of the operational and other system parameters over the internet.
  • Sharing information in real time: Your operational data is available in near real time in the central systems and you can share it with members and stakeholders in real time.

Conduct your business uninterruptedly with Capgemini’s Business Continuity Solution

The benefits of our Business Continuity Solution are manifold:

  • Superior customer service: Our solution enables you to serve your customer better by providing you the capability to track every bit of information in the stakeholder network. This improves your customer service, especially when you need to commit on the product delivery date.
  • Informed decision-making and clear visibility: The reports and analytics provide you market feedback and other data to understand market dynamics and know the exact levels of product acceptance and market penetration, helping you in more efficient planning. This in turn helps you make well-informed business decisions.
  • Increased collaboration across stakeholder network: The simple and user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) of our solution ensures higher acceptance of the solution by users across your stakeholder network. The solution is designed keeping in mind the low or no technical knowledge and limited computer literacy of the users ensuring higher acceptability and sustainability of the solution.
  • Reduced technology cost: The solution offers cost-effective and hassle-free implementation and maintenance with Capgemini taking the total ownership. Low maintenance with less frequent version upgrades, use of web servers instead of expensive data plans, capability to update and access information using any mobile phone with Java and GPRS in place of costly handheld devices – are some of the key factors that make the solution a cost-effective and efficient option to manage your operations successfully.
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