Customized Solutions for the India Market

Capgemini has over 45 years of working with global players from around the world. And it is this very experience that the company is bringing to India to serve Indian clients. But markets in different geographies come with their own unique challenges and any solution being developed for the local market must address them.

In a market like India, these challenges might range from low network connectivity and cost pressures to exorbitant support costs and maintenance issues. Capgemini has therefore built solutions keeping exactly these constraints in mind while partnering with the aggressive growth and expansion plans that companies in this geography have.

Capgemini’s India solutions

With a deep understanding of elements that are part of the local market dynamics, Capgemini has created the following portfolio of solutions:

  • Business Continuity Solution to ensure continued operations even under unreliable or unavailable network conditions. This is particularly pertinent to organizations with widespread operations covering large geographies and multiple stakeholders
  • Workbench to integrate multiple IT applications for improved productivity. Often times organizations scale up by acquiring multiple systems or building some home-grown ones, none of which talk to or leverage each other. Workbench ensures that all such applications are brought under a single integrated architectural layer thus improving efficiency
  • Integrated Campus Solution to fulfill the administrative and networking needs of educational institutions in India that offer diverse courses across multiple disciplines, are spread across geographies and have several regulatory norms to fulfill
  • Mutualized Application Maintenance which offers efficient support and maintenance of SAP and Oracle systems at a lower TCO to the client by having a shared pool of resources on a flexible service model.

Our value proposition

While each solution aims at solving a specific problem, Capgemini’s offering as a whole provide multiple benefits on the following fronts:

  • Reduced operational cost
  • Enhanced business productivity
  • Real-time information sharing
  • Improved operational efficiency
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