Workbench Solution

With technology proliferation, your organization is exposed to the use of several applications on a daily basis. While these applications automate and simplify many processes, gaps in understanding the systems or non-compliance to certain standards may lead to errors, data loss, excess time and effort spent in rework, dual data entries, and multiple security set-ups.

Capgemini Workbench helps you manage a large number of technology solutions by integrating multiple applications on a single platform.

Capgemini Workbench enables you achieve enhanced efficiency and productivity through its unique approach and multifaceted capabilities:

  • Single Sign on (SSO) and Single Window Access across multiple applications: Workbench allows your users to sign into a single application and access all the required applications using a single-window access. This can eliminate a large number of repeated activities and processes for you on a daily basis.
  • Centralized data management without affecting existing systems and applications: Workbench integrates data from a large number of applications on a single platform without hampering the functioning of these applications in any way.
  • Minimal configuration to manage application changes: Workbench requires a very basic configuration effort and minimum changes to your applications.
  • Consistent look and feel: The uniform look and feel and user-friendly, intuitive interface of Workbench allows your users to quickly understand the workflow and manage data from varied applications efficiently.
  • Light-weight application framework: With no dependence on framework interfaces, the implementation and management of Workbench is simple and easy.

Adopt Workbench for smarter management of multiple applications

Workbench simplifies the nature of your staff’s daily activities, saves time and effort involved in using multiple applications. It streamlines and enhances a large number of processes with its structured and integrated approach. This helps you increase your operational efficiency as well as productivity and improve communication, transactions and collaboration at organizational level. Workbench helps you:

  • Improve your operational efficiency: The ease, simplicity and integration introduced by Capgemini Workbench help you improve performance and service levels in managing daily organizational and work processes.
  • Collaborate efficiently: Workbench brings ease and efficiency to your business communication, transactions and promotes more productive collaboration at organization level.
  • Leverage existing IT investment: One-time investment in deploying Capgemini Workbench can maximize your existing investments in various technology solutions and applications.
  • Attain faster time to market on application roll-outs: Integration of multiple applications on Capgemini Workbench enables faster roll-out of applications and makes change management for on-boarding an application easier.
  • Make intelligent decisions: Insights discovered from accumulated data as a result of processing, provides you critical input for strategizing and management decision making.
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