Application Management (AM) Services

Companies and other organizations rely on IT systems to run their business operations and functions, reduce costs and contribute added-value services to improve profitability. Our Application Management services ensure you benefit from the most cost-effective service delivery, releasing IT budget to be spent on new development work and business innovation. Read More.

Application Landscape Report 2014

The Capgemini Application Landscape Report 2014found that CIOs and their IT organizations are expected to have the most impact on the following strategic business priorities:

  • Cost Reduction combined with increased attention being paid to how IT can add value to business operations and reduce complexity
  • Competitive advantage from new technology.  Increasingly, AM services providers are now expected to provide industry insight and advise their clients on how to improve business operations and user experience through innovation and applying new technologies
  • Operational Excellence from application modernization gained from rationalizing and simplifying existing applications and from enhanced functionality typically including adding capabilities, analytics and mobility

To help you achieve greater business agility and performance, we’ve increased the business relevance and flexibility of our Application Management services.

Next generation AM Platform: Business Aware, Future Proof

Next generation Application Management Platform

Capgemini’s next generation Application Management Platform is a business process-oriented, industrialized approach that yields better, faster, and more sustainable results by avoiding a ‘rip-and-replace’ approach to the client’s existing investments.  It delivers:

  • ‘Always-On’ ability to execute business transactions
  • Pervasive cost reduction
  • A ‘Business Aware’ and ‘Future Proof’ IT landscape

Our next generation AM Platform is built around four pillars, each of which are based on combining proven IT delivery execution with business-IT strategy, to ensure the optimum levels of next-gen industrialization and transformation value in engagements.  They are:

  1. Increased Effectiveness in IT Service Delivery with pervasive Cost Reduction
  2. Superior Service Integration and Experience
  3. Improved Effectiveness of Business Processes
  4. Future Proofing the IT Landscape

Application Performance Management tools: Speed-to-Value Levers and Portfolio Analysis

These pillars are backed-up by a broad range of speed-to-value levers that add substantial value compared to the traditional AM approach and are implemented in accordance with the findings from the Client Value Discovery Workshop carried out in the ‘Portfolio Analysis’ stage of each client engagement.  Capgemini’s own portfolio analysis and insight tools can also be used such as the Links CIO ITP Performance Dashboard and the Wide-angle Application Rationalization Program (WARP).

In summary, Capgemini’s next generation Application Management Platform is implemented in a way relevant to each client’s needs based on industrialization, IT management and execution, management consulting methods, and deployment of people expertise.

Interested in learning more about how Capgemini's next generation Application Management platform can benefit your business? Contact us today.

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