Application Rationalization

Regain control of your application landscape and lifecycle with WARP’s accelerated approach. You can achieve a rationalized and modernized IT application portfolio in as little as seven weeks.

A Rapidly Expanding Application Landscape

Many organizations’ application landscapes have been growing rapidly in recent years. But today’s business challenges and opportunities have led to new functionalities, services and applications, resulting in excessively large and complex application landscapes. Additional challenges include:
  • Increasing interdependence between applications
  • Outdated applications with complex codes
  • Complicated software licensing agreements
  • Pressures to reduce costs 
Organizations need the expertise and methodology necessary to rationalize their existing systems, remove complexity and redundancy, and create an environment for innovation.

Regain Control of Your Application Landscape

The Wide-angle Application Rationalization (WARP) Program rationalizes and modernizes your IT application portfolio while reducing complexity in as little as seven weeks. WARP is:
  • Robust: Based on decades of experience building, managing and retiring applications for clients worldwide, our approach uses proven rationalization patterns and insight gained from successful project implementations. 
  • Practical: Our rationalization frameworks are disciplined and structured, and based on solid business cases and pragmatic transformation roadmaps. 
  • Risk-free: Our accelerated timeline eliminates the need to commit resources to a long-term rationalization project without a clear vision of potential value.

Your Application Rationalization Experts

We are your trusted partner in modernizing your complex, large and expensive application landscapes thanks to our:
  • +45 years of experience in application management
  • +40,000 application services staff 
  • +800 highly trained WARP practitioners 
  • Expertise in +30 locations worldwide 
  • Proven rationalization methodology built on hundreds of successful portfolio rationalization projects across a wide variety of sectors and geographies
We have the expertise and methodology to rationalize your application landscape and lifecycle now and into the future. Contact us to learn more.
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