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Capgemini’s next-generation Application Management (AM) proposition delivers three times the commercial impact per Euro or Dollar of existing client spend in comparison with traditional outsourcing. It is an industrialized approach for AM that focuses on driving pervasive cost reduction and enabling business outcomes during the course of regular AM engagements.

Challenges Today

Organizations rely on their IT systems to run their business operations, reduce costs and contribute to added-value solutions and services with a view to improve their competitiveness. Our Application Management proposition ensures you benefit from the cost-effective service and solution delivery and while enable business innovation during the course of regular AM engagements

next generation Application Development and Maintenance

next generation Application Management Platform

Capgemini’s next generation Application Management proposition is a business value-oriented, industrialized approach for managing applications that

  • Provides always-on business transactional capability
  • Pervasively reduces costs
  • Creates a business-aware, agile and future-proof IT application landscape

Our next generation Application Management proposition increases the effectiveness of business processes, provides superior Service Integration, enhances end-user experience and enables business outcomes.


Why Capgemini

We have built assets that help us engage with the clients to jointly shape and realize a value proposition aligned to their business priorities. Our client-engagement assets and tools include:

  • Powerful and visually rich application portfolio analysis tools 
  • Insightful apps on iPad and large interactive screens that capture all AM best practices across the industry to craft an engagement roadmap that can be tracked 
  • Automation that leverages a vast set of in-house and market tools to deliver impact across efficiency gains and business outcomes
  • Digital readiness assessment of the application portfolio and improvement recommendations to enable the application portfolio to support effective execution in the digital world while leveraging sunk investments


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