Backelite: Building services with business and user in mind.

Rethinking how clients can deliver the right customer experience is central to Capgemini's proposition. Backelite's Digital Service design approach allows Capgemini to create great customer experiences based on peoples needs.

We work closely with our clients to connect their strategic ambitions with their customers’ desires in a way that delivers value to their business. We bring added value to businesses and customers in a variety of services ranging from web, mobile, smart TVs and IoT.

How we do it: by championing the user.

We strive to understand how consumers interact with our clients’ services and products, to improve existing services and create new ones.

We solve clients’ business problems holistically. Our approach is simple:

First, we conduct extensive user research to align users’ needs with clients’ business goals and articulate the service vision. Then, we craft user journeys, harmonize interface design with art direction and test concepts against users’ expectations with prototypes. Finally, we define performance indicators and monitor them closely to ensure the services stay relevant to client goals and users’ needs.

Our ‘from concept to delivery’ approach allows our multidisciplinary teams to bring about concrete changes that can be iterated and implemented rapidly. To ideate quickly, we conduct design sprints that flush out concepts into living prototypes in days.


Backelite is growing quickly in international markets, bringing the creativity of a design studio to the existing expertises of the Group from consulting to IT implementation. We already boast an impressive portfolio of B2C, B2E and B2B clients globally: Air France, Crédit Agricole, Airbus, ING, Hema and more. Today the agency operates in Australia, China, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and continues to expand its network in other countries.

To get in touch with Backelite, visit the website.