FinTech Innovation

Innovations in financial technology are transforming the banking ecosystem and creating new business opportunities, partnerships and competitors. Capgemini’s global network of Applied Innovation Exchanges can help financial institutions create new products and services to engage and retain customers.

FinTech: Friend or Foe?

Financial technology innovation—FinTech— is creating significant challenges for traditional, full-service banking and financial services firms. According to the World Retail Banking Report, nearly two thirds of global banking customers are already using services such as ePayments, mobile banking or digital wallets from FinTech providers.

Burdened with inflexible legacy technology and process infrastructures, traditional financial institutions are struggling to keep pace with customer demands for faster and cheaper products and services available anytime, anywhere. Banks must quickly learn to prioritize and deploy meaningful innovations to create maximum business impact.


Services Led FinTech Solutions for Priority Business Needs

Capgemini helps firms answer the FinTech innovation challenge with comprehensive solutions and applied innovation services. Our digital services building blocks—blockchain, API management, automation, legacy transformation, cloud, digital and analytics—address business needs in cross-border payments, settlements, trade finance, robo advising, and multivendor integration. Our Applied Innovation Exchanges support rapid co-innovation with clients to pilot and deploy FinTech solutions.


Digital FinTech Expertise and Extensive Innovation Resources

With over 31,000 specialists devoted to financial services, Capgemini helps banks answer today’s FinTech challenges. Building on our real-world experience with the world’s top retail banks, commercial banks and insurance companies, Capgemini has created solutions for emerging technologies like blockchain and robotic process automation. We use our Applied Innovation Exchange model to connect clients to innovation partners so together we can conceive, design and develop new solutions to today’s banking challenges—working together to forge the new digital banking landscape.

Co-Innovate with Capgemini

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