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Planning and Implementing Your IT and Shared Services Changes

A strengthened and re-vitalised sector can be in a position to play an increasing role in the retail financial landscape.

Report on the Commission of Credit Unions

Adverse market conditions in Ireland have created a challenging environment for credit unions. As a result, many Irish credit unions are looking at amalgamation and shared services opportunities to help increase performance through consolidation and collaboration. Capgemini sees three main challenges for Irish credit unions planning a transition.

Challenge 1: Planning the Migration

With over 20 years experience migrating systems for financial institutions, Capgemini brings world-class expertise and methodologies to your project. Our team in Ireland includes trained and committed IT professionals who have at least 10 years experience with amalgamation and system integrations.

Challenge 2: Implementing the Migration

Capgemini has a proven factory-based approach to implementation that utilizes our Rightshore® global delivery methodology and is designed to help financial institutions manage common risks for data migration projects. Some clients prefer the lower costs and timeframes that come with using Capgemini’s centralized delivery factory in India. Other clients have regulatory requirements which requires data to remain onshore. With over 21,000 financial services professionals across the world, Capgemini can adjust the resource mix on a project to meet your unique needs.

Challenge 3: Selecting a Software Platform

Capgemini has partnered with Temenos and Microsoft to provide a software platform tailored to the specific needs of the credit union sector. This includes full transactional support for member savings and loans, together with the insight and information to support risk management and reporting.

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