PriceLab makes dynamic and adaptive pricing based on customer needs and behavior a reality for banks and insurers. Using advanced analytics, you can segment your pricing more effectively to gain better margins for each segment, and your customers pay for only the services they really need.

Fine-Tune Prices, Fix Profitability

Financial services margins are increasingly under pressure from low interest rates and strong competition. Even small pricing variations across a wide customer base can greatly impact overall performance.

But many banks and insurers have inflexible global pricing approaches. Treating customers as individuals and pricing according to their needs can help enhance the management of each product’s potential.

Discover the Difference of Dynamic Pricing 

PriceLab measures the profitability of your products and customers, and simulates their performance over time. You can then propose a price that reflects the actual cost, based on a real-time view of customer behavior.

This solution offers:

  • Advanced forecasting based on real data, not statistics
  • Highly flexible modular system and open architecture
  • Cloud and mobile-ready technology
  • Automated simulation, reporting and fulfillment processes
  • Complete lifecycle billing
  • Full compliance with transparency regulations
  • Full integration with other banking information systems

Pricing the Right Way

PriceLab is already in use at many leading Italian retail and commercial banks.

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