Wholesale Banking

While balancing cost control with business growth, wholesale banking executives are searching for new ways to integrate corporate business units - horizontally and vertically - into their organizations.

In the treasury management and trade finance areas of wholesale banking, the recent trend is to merge multiple systems into a single online solution. An integrated online channel consolidates service offerings, improves customer service and simplifies the support and maintenance role of bank staff.

Our Wholesale Banking Solutions

To help financial institutions face the competitive wholesale banking market, we offer solutions in three areas:

Treasury Management

In recent years, treasury business units have been focused on risk and compliance rather than innovation. With renewed interest in the timely introduction of new initiatives, companies are increasingly using integrated online channels for new treasury offerings and enhancements.

  • Our Expertise: Capgemini’s accelerated approach uses our deep understanding of IT and your business to help you launch treasury applications online for a timely market introduction.


Identifying the best payments approach for your business requires an evaluation of the current payments offering, an analysis of its costs and revenues and a strategic decision regarding the future payments model. Implementation of the new strategy can be achieved with in-sourcing, outsourcing or possibly by removing unprofitable parts of your payments offerings.

  • Our Expertise: We work with you to develop a strategic payments plan and implement the appropriate tactical solutions in your wholesale business unit or across business lines. We have global experience carrying out international payments integrations for large financial institutions.

Trade Finance

In the current business environment, trade finance business units are expanding beyond their traditional boundaries. Financial institutions can help their trade finance clients improve efficiency and reduce working capital by honing information and simplifying processes with online technology.

  • Our Expertise: Capgemini is an experienced advisor to the trade finance business units of global financial institutions. Our previous work includes implementation of an export collections system, facilitating presentation of documents, tracing items for payment/acceptance, receipt of funds, and transmission of payment details to the originating office or branch.

By interacting with your communication and payment systems, we can improve the flexibility, accessibility and automation of the trade settlement process.

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