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Platforms: The way to business agility

Platforms: The way to business agility

For too long our industry has considered IT and the platforms it traditionally oversees as a cost center. The logic follows: take the order from the business, build the platform, and report on how much the company will pay.

Fortunately, it's changing. The apps and platforms that business and IT collaboratively create together are no longer seen as net expenses. Now we’ve come to see them as business assets – with strategic value all their own.

In this edition of Beyond the Buzz, Platforms as a business asset, we delve into this somewhat subversive topic with the help of some of our favorite luminaries. Our partners at Microsoft show us this phenomenon through the eyes of a tech powerhouse and our very own Vikrant Karnik takes us from buzzwords to business-critical. Experts Fabio Moioli and Hovsep Avagyan give practical ideas to telecoms. Hogne Malum Gjersvik shares how the shifts in consumer behaviors are impacting this topic and how even the public sector can benefit from this. Darshan Shankavaram show us what the future of digital platforms look like.

We hope you enjoy.

Lanny Cohen
Capgemini Group CTO

Back to front: Putting digital to everything you do

Back to front: Putting digital to everything you do

In our business, no one is more important than the consumer. And their expectations for how businesses operate, work together, and ultimately deliver has changed. So we must change our methods to live up to those expectations.

In this edition of Beyond the Buzz Customer Engagement and Operations Transformation, we’re tackling the shift from traditional supply chains to collaborative value networks - from how the Royal Mail is putting digital at the heart of everything they do, to how Audi and DHL are bringing your packages to unexpected places.

We hope you find collaborating with us as stimulating as we do!

Lanny Cohen
Capgemini Group CTO

Seventh edition: Design to Disrupt

It’s now more than just survival of the digital fittest

What is it about start-ups that make traditional incumbents struggle with digital innovation?

In the past some companies preferred to ignore the warning signs; however, the time has arrived in which business leaders can no longer stick their heads in the sand. By designing and organizing your enterprise to disrupt, you will thrive in the age of Digital Darwinism.

In this seventh edition of Beyond the Buzz, our experts discuss the importance of innovation to stay ahead of digital disruption. To secure your enterprise’s future, Jerome Buvat shares four ways that incumbent companies can confront the rise of start-ups and Menno van Doorn provides 10 design principles to platform design.

Design to Disrupt today or risk being left behind – or worse – replaced.

Lanny Cohen
Capgemini Group CTO

Sixth edition: Security, Trust and Risk Management of Applications

Make your security evolve as quickly as new mobile apps appear

The dynamic world of mobile applications has created exciting new business opportunities but it has also made enterprises more vulnerable to cyberattacks. One thing is for sure: robust application security is absolutely critical. And with the right processes, people and tools, it’s entirely attainable.

In our sixth edition of Beyond the Buzz, we take a closer look at some of the fundamental vulnerabilities that undermine app security. Do you know how secure your enterprise’s apps actually are? Test your knowledge with our quiz to find out. As Expert Yves Le Floch explains, app security involves ongoing processes. But even major enterprises continue to overlook basic vulnerabilities, as we illustrate with five real-world examples. Finally, Expert Daniel Miessler reviews seven steps you can take to improve your app security right now.

It’s easier than ever for hackers to infiltrate enterprises today: over 80% of cyberattacks occur by infiltrating mobile applications. But your company doesn’t have to be one of them. Going beyond the concept of security as “something we have,” to “something we do” is the first step on the road to greater app security. Are you ready for the challenge?

Lanny Cohen
Capgemini Group CTO

Fifth edition: Pervasively Smart Technologies

The next multi-trillion dollar market is yours for the taking

Enterprises are constantly told to be more innovative. With the Internet of Things, we can be.

Products will turn into services. Those who provide services will tap into untold opportunities. Existing lines will be improved and eclipsed.

Huge is an understatement, and yet unnecessary. Trillions speak for themselves.

In this fifth edition of Beyond the Buzz, our expert Nigel Walsh explains the golden opportunity for the insurance industry to surge ahead of other competing sectors. Our expert Nick Gill agrees, encouraging automotive businesses to follow suit and guest contributor Agnès Maufrey from Michelin shows that it can be done. Going even further, our third expert Karl Bjurstrom illuminates why telcos need to step up a gear as a host of new players come hungry for their slice of IoT pie.

Not sure where to begin? Start with our crucial ten steps on how to get started on your own project.

Pervasively smart technologies are beckoning, are you ready to seize your share?

Lanny Cohen
Capgemini Group CTO


Image courtesy of Withings

Build the Connection: Wearables and Your Workforce

You have great content and social media is at work; you’re well on your way to becoming a social, digital enterprise. The future looks bright. Suddenly, just as the customer is ready to commit - the moment their transaction disappears behind the front office process – they encounter non-responsiveness and a lack of experience. Everything gets disconnected as a result.

A client who finds out that your workforce is not connected and not in sync with their digital rhythm, will simply leave by the time it takes to click a mouse.

In our fourth edition, our experts Ron Tolido and Michiel Boreel discuss the pitfalls of an unconnected workforce and how to avoid them. Sanjay Shitole and I look at the opportunities of wearables can bring to employees that can help them become more productive and efficient.

An Augmented, Connected Workforce is the enterprise’s way forward to achieve much more.

Lanny Cohen
Capgemini Group CTO

Build your own halos of innovative ideas

In our third edition of Beyond the Buzz, Innovation from the Base, you will see that innovation stems neither from the top or the bottom of an organization; in fact, you need both to make change happen: the vision and leadership from the top, powerfully combined with the agility and creativity from the bottom, with both being cognizant of the internal and external factors that drive Innovation from the Base.

This is what we like to call the “halo effect”. But what is a halo?

Expert, Ron Tolido would compare this to open source-based innovation. In practice, the boardroom communicates its key business priorities, which helps employees build their own halos of innovative ideas. From there, top management can identify the best ideas and turn them into applied innovation, so as to enhance productivity, competitiveness and the overall performance of their organization.

Follow Experts Michiel Boreel and Ron Tolido who analyze what you can learn from the start-up culture to generate your own halos of innovation.

Guest contributor, Stephen Danelutti, Customer Success Manager, from Microsoft explains how you can use Innovation Hacking to drive entrepreneurial ideas from your employees.

Kristin Berg, Director of Digital Shopper Marketing at Coca-Cola Enterprises, Europe and Sylvain Langlois, Associate of the Technologies and Information Systems for EDF R&D share how they have used hackathons and social collaboration tools to create new digital concepts.

Innovation from the Base is the playground for you to build your own halos of innovative ideas.

Lanny Cohen
Capgemini Group CTO

Why you need to head backstage for your next digital transformation act

In our first Beyond the Buzz edition, we already discussed that organizations are shifting their customer experience strategies. This is the first essential step to becoming a digital enterprise but transforming your customer-facing operations can only go so far if your back-end operations don’t follow the same pace.

In our second edition, Pierre Hessler and Didier Bonnet dissect the characteristics of a digital enterprise in addition to customer experience to give you the fuller picture. You can compare with the Insurance sector’s experience as a Digital Beginner to customer experience by Bhuvan Thakur or learn from a Digital Master in the Consumer, Products & Retail sector by Vikrant Karnik.

The Road Ahead of Digital Transformation impacts every corner of the business, so arm yourself with ideas to set the front and back stage of your digital transformation, no matter your digital maturity.

Lanny Cohen
Capgemini Group CTO

Delivering a better customer experience…without crossing the ‘fine line’

It all sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Ask your customers to divulge their preferences then reward them with a more personalized user experience. But while most companies eagerly wait for the data to pour in, their customers are shying away and dubbing the experience “an invasion of privacy.”

Yes, we all want a better customer experience, however, we’re simply not willing to let companies cross the line with our personal data. So, just how far can your company actually go before crossing that line?

In this first edition of our trends tracker magazine Most Buzzworthy, our top experts explore that very question. Vendor relationship management (VRM) is one approach and an interesting one at that. Meanwhile, Rick Mans breaks down Facebook’s strategy of getting more with less, Nick Gill calls on car dealers and manufacturers to step up customer satisfaction, and Niels van der Linden discusses how predictive government doesn’t necessarily mean the coming of Big Brother.

The Insights-Driven Customer Experience offers some exciting opportunities: you just need to know the rules of the game and play within them.

Lanny Cohen
Capgemini Group CTO

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