Business Continuity with Unreliable Networks (BCUN)

Streamline multiple supply chains, and distributor and customer networks: BCUN ensures business continuity by providing an agile and responsive environment in which to share key business information.

The Challenge of Inefficient Business Networks

Efficient business networks are essential for companies that rely on complex interactions among multiple vendors and distributors. But traditional systems of managing distributed sales and service environments are costly, and often fail to process massive amounts of transactions in real time, as businesses expect. 
As a result, companies need to leverage data to make critical decisions that deliver: 
  • Accurate sales forecasting
  • Customer complaint resolution
  • On time delivery
  • Matched inventory

Make Your Data Available to Those Who Need It

Our BCUN framework, deployed on EMC’s VSPEX, seamlessly delivers critical business data from remote locations to key decision makers, enabling organizations to:
  • Eliminate risk
  • Avoid work duplication
  • Execute informed decisions with real-time data


  • A unique framework with real-time data synchronization, access and notifications, including an offline mode during network failure
  • Instant access to near-real-time data and manual data import/export, without a single point of IT failure 
  • Improved productivity and seamless geographic expansion through a web-based platform, peak time and deferred processing
  • Cost savings thanks to low maintenance fees and minimal infrastructure costs when expanding to remote areas
  • Fully scalable architecture that is configurable for performance and security requirements

A Highly Scalable Architecture with VSPEX

In partnership with EMC, we combine state-of-the-art technologies with deep sector expertise to improve our clients’ performance and competitiveness. Our BCUN framework seamlessly integrates into EMC’s proven VSPEX infrastructure for accelerated BCUN deployment.
Contact us to learn how this unique offering can support your business continuity now and in the future.
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