Digital Supply Chain

Standardize, automate and integrate systems and data on a Cloud platform to create a real-time operating and decision-making environment through Digital Supply Chain

Tackling the Challenges of Globalization 

Today’s competitive business landscape and ever-evolving customer demands are re-shaping your supply chain. Globalization is increasing supply chain complexity, as physical supply chains extend their geographic scope in order to leverage low cost sourcing options and gain access to emerging markets. As a result, you may face challenges arising from rigid organizational structures, inaccessible data, and fragmented relationships with partners

Supply Chain Transformation through Digitization

Our Digital Supply Chain service provides you an integrated, intelligent, flexible and rapid solution for end-to-end transformation through information converging with the physical. The service includes:

  • Digital Control Tower: a single version of the truth across your supply chain to improve agility, resilience, reliability and responsiveness
  • Robotic order fulfillment: the right product data at the right time
  • SCaaS (Supply Chain-as-a-Stack): a SCOR-compliant flexible Cloud-based platform
  • Insights 360°: for real-time analytics.


  • Boost your Top Line Growth through on-time delivery leading to faster revenue realization
  • Improve profitability with reduced supply chain cost, better inventory management and robotic order fulfillment
  • Enhance Working Capital availability with faster inventory turn around
  • Manage risk and reputation with rigorous control levers to mitigate risks and bring flexibility into processes.

Digital Supply Chain

Deep Experience with Leading Businesses

A Global Information and Communications Technology Company engaged Capgemini to re-design, build and run the entire end-to-end supply chain process with the aim of bringing reliability, transparency and predictability to their processes. This was supported by a collaborative – and cost efficient - governance model responsible for contract management, performance management and commercial management.   
The results continue to deliver real business benefits. Process quality has significantly improved which, in turn, has led to a jump of 10% in customer loyalty and more than 30% in productivity gains.
Our delivery network consists of:

  • 1200+ FTEs delivering Supply chain services
  • SCM Analytics resources/ SMEs with deep knowledge of SC modules and tools
  • MCA, Graduates, Masters in Statistics, specialization in SCM
  • Specialist with deep knowledge and experience in control tower tools and technology and process knowledge


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