Human Resources for BPO

Take advantage of digital technology, cloud computing and “as-a-service” delivery mechanisms to enable faster, more targeted and more responsive engagement between employer, recruit and employee.

Curb Your Reliance on Conventional Human Resources Services

Technology, globalization, legislation and competition for both your customers and your staff bring new and potentially conflicting pressures for your HR leaders. Their success depends on a talented, motivated and well-managed workforce that is highly focused on achieving business goals. 

HR Strategy, Quality and Cost Reductions

Capgemini’s multi-process HR outsourcing services ensure that your business strategy is aligned to an integrated HRO services platform extending across multiple HR towers – including talent management, administrative and payroll, and, importantly, reporting and analytics. 
In doing so, your business reaps the benefits of:
  • Increased profits: Engaged employees, satisfied customers, lower recruitment costs and Cloud-based technology all serve to improve your profitability.
  • Stronger top line growth: Identifying, retaining, training and rewarding your most talented people supports business growth.
  • Optimized use of your human capital: A superior single employee experience across business units and geographies enables mobility and creates a strong employer brand.
  • Minimized risk to your company’s reputation: Legislative and corporate policy compliance and social media monitoring protects potential damage to your brand.

Proven Expertise

Capgemini’s HRO-as-a-Stack enables your business to go beyond labor arbitrage and process improvement to raise the profile and value of your HR function as a key player in helping your business achieve its objectives.


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