Agon 2014

Strategize. Showcase. Succeed.

The 3 teams of Agon 2014 who fought for the ultimate cash bounty at the Finals in Mumbai on 10th November, 2014!


WINNERS: 2014 Agon champions

Team: NM_IT_WIZ from NMIMS

IT is transforming the world the way it works every day. The technological advancements achieved through IT are no lesser than magical. The team believed that they were the  next generation of IT wizards who could take the magical phenomenon to the next level. Further NMIMS had played a huge part in moulding their personality to become wizards of IT. So the winners called themselves as NM_IT_WIZ.

1st Runners-Up

Team: Wise Men from IIM Ahmedabad

The team name was inspired by Walter Isaacson’s book titled ‘The Wise Men: Six Friends and the World They Made ‘,that detailed the actions of a group of United States government officials and members of the East Coast foreign policy establishment who, beginning in the 1940s, developed the containment policy of dealing with the Communist bloc, and crafted institutions and initiatives such as NATO, the World Bank, and the Marshall Plan.
These wise men were inspired by the same laurels and aimed at conceptualizing the game changers in strategy from a business point of view in contrast with the geo- political dynamics envisaged in the original Wise Men.

No doubt, their aim of conceptualizing did wonders for them!

2nd Runners-Up

Team: Indore Superkings from IIM Indore

The team was by the popular IPL team, Chennai Superkings, the most consistent and successful T20 teams in the world. The team with very good players, lead by perhaps one of the best captains of all times, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. With this thought of being 5 good capable players of IIM – Indore, the team Indore Superkings secured 2nd runners up position for themselves!.

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