AS400 Iseries Admin 5 to 8yrs Bangalore

Short Description

AS400 Admin - 5to 8yrs - Bangalore

Job Responsibilities

Required Skill Set – 
1. Excellent/Good knowledge on AS400 iSeries Servers
2. Worked on AS400
3. Excellent troubleshooting skills
4. Excellent Communication Skills
5. Well versed with ITIL Processes

Key areas of responsibility (L2):

1. Monitor AS400 Servers and reporting
2. Monitor iSeries Hardware and reporting
3. Collecting information and reporting to L2 Lead on timely basis
4. Account management on AS400 Servers
5. Scheduling job’s , batch Processing
6. Running Backup’s and restoration
7. Participates in Change Management
8. Implement changes
9. Participate in Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
10. Participate in problem review for high impact or recurring problems
11. Administrators privileged level access given and new request
12. Participate in Disaster recovery process
13. Work with Vendors on AS400 or application issues