Biztalk Admin - 4 to 6 yrs - Banglore

Short Description

Biztalk Admin - 4 to 7yrs - Bangalore

Job Responsibilities

Support of website, web services, SQL queries, problems escalated from the helpdesk. This is a reactive and proactive support function. Resource will be working on trouble shooting issues reported into the help desk (reactive), as well as, taking responsibility for reviewing and analyzing areas of improvements within the system/application and addressing upcoming needs for upgrades, addressing potential problems within application and improvements (proactive). The ideal candidate will have excellent trouble shooting and people skills, while possessing the ability to identify that need improvement through their knowledge and experience of supporting the BizTalk application. 

· This position is less about development - Candidate may do some coding and draw on some of their knowledge with regards to coding and being able to work with and read code, but coding and development are not the primary objective of this position. 

· BizTalk/SSIS Middleware and other core integration tools and services. 

· Strong understanding of BizTalk message processing and databases 

· Ability to use the BizTalk Administration tools 

· Deploy BizTalk Applications via MSI 

· Configure hosts and host instances 

· Deploy and manage business rules 

· Configure and administer a clustered BizTalk environment with multiple message boxes 

· Develop a disaster recovery solution 

· Backup and restore BizTalk Databases 

· Work with BAM and failed message routing both inside the BAM Portal and SharePoint 

· Evaluate BizTalk performance using BizTalk specific Performance Monitor Snap-ins 

· MOM\SCOM experience is a plus. 

· Workflow Tools, SharePoint and SSRS development (Creating workflow, routing, rules, alerts, reports, etc.) is a plus