Change Advisory Consultant || Mumbai || 3 to 6 years

We at Capgemini are looking for Change Advisory Consultant who has good experience with RFCs and CAB. Please find the Job description below and let me know your thoughts and interest.


Job Title: Change Advisory Consultant

Job Location: Mumbai

Years of Exp: 3 to 6 Years



Roles and Responsibility:

  • Receives, logs and allocates a priority to all requests for changes that are totally impractical
  • Tables all Request for Changes (RFCs) for a Change Advisory Board (CAB) meeting, issues an agenda and circulates all requests for changes to Change Advisory Board members in advance of meetings to allow prior consideration
  • Decides which CAB members will come to which meetings, who gets specific RFCs depending on the nature of the RFC
  • Convenes urgent CAB or ECAB meetings for all urgent RFCs
  • Chairs all CAB and ECAB meetings
  • Authorizes acceptable changes, either alone or after a CAB or ECAB has taken place
  • Issues change schedules
  • Liaises with all necessary parties to coordinate change building, testing and implementation, in accordance with schedules
  • Updates the change log with all progress that occurs, including any actions to correct problems and/or to take opportunities to improve service quality
  • Reviews all implemented changes to ensure that they have met their objectives; refers back any that have been backed out of have failed
  • Reviews all outstanding RFCs
  • Analyses change records to determine any trends
  • Closes RFCs


Need to work with Release manager on below aspects –

  • Manage all aspects of the end to end release process
  • Update service knowledge management system
  • Ensures coordination of build and test environments teams and release teams
  • Ensures teams follow the organization’s established policies and procedures
  • Provides management reports on release progress
  • Service release and deployment policy and planning
  • Deals with release package design, build and configuration
  • Deals with release package acceptance including business sign off
  • Deals with service roll out planning including method of deployment
  • Deals with release package testing to predefined acceptance criteria
  • Signs off the release package for implementation
  • Deals with communication, preparation and training
  • Audits hardware and software before and after the implementation of release package changes
  • Installs new or upgraded hardware
  • Deals with storage and traceability/auditability of controlled software in both centralised and distributed systems
  • Deals with release, distribution and the installation of packaged software


General -

  • Ability to communicate with all levels of clients, follow methodologies, and create/ present clear concise deliverables
  • Capable of working in an international environment.
  • Coordinate with the support teams as necessary , and liaising with end clients Business & Technical Teams