Javascript, PHP, Python, Java, HTML5, RoR;
JD for web developer:
- Proficiency in at least one programming language: Javascript, PHP, Python, Java, HTML5, RoR etc
- Proficiency creating web applications in one server side framework: Django, Rails, NodeJS, J2EE , etc.
- Solid understanding of how web applications work including security, session management, SSO etc
- Good understanding of advanced JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, AngularJS, BackboneJS, KnockoutJS etc
- Hands-on experience with REST APIs and SOAP APIs
- Adequate knowledge of relational databases, web-sockets, network diagnosis, caching etc
- Proficient understanding of code versioning tools like GIT, Subversion, Mercurial.
- Fix bugs and solve problems, write documentation and automated tests
- Work closely with the engineering team through participation in architecture, technical design and code reviews

- Knowledge of web standards such as WebRTC, WebComponents, WebWorkers etc
- Comfortable with current transformation technologies such as XML, JSON, CSV and SQL
- Comfortable with Unix/Linux as a development environment
- Knowledge of Responsive Web Design

- 3 yrs + experience Object Oriented Programming and web application development
- BS in computer science or a related field