Content Management 7years-10years

Content Management – Senior Consultant – Pune

Required skills and Job responsibilities

  • Single-source, structured, topic-based, modular content creation, content management, and multi-channel content delivery for technical communications
  • Content creation – Arbortext Editor, XMetaL, Oxygen, Flare
  • Content management – SDL LiveContent Suite, PTC Arbortext CMS, Vasont, Ixiasoft, Corena
  • Content delivery – PTC Arbortext Publishing Engine, DITA Open Toolkit, Antenna House, Webworks, Madcap Server
  • Experience with the business application of XML structured information data models and technologies (DTDs, schema, XSL stylesheets) for technical communications
  • DITA or S1000D (at least one), MathML, SCORM
  • XML and XHTML transforms and transformation methods and tools (XSLT, XSLFO, XPATH, XQuery), HTML5 and CSS3
  • Senior Technical Process Analyst - EDMS
  • Works with BAs and BPM to identify and coordinate new IT system developments and/or enhancements.
  • Works with outsourced development team to develop project plans that include an analysis of benefit, cost, work schedule and any related risks.
  • Assigns, schedules, reviews, approves, and monitors project work to ensure that progress is within expected guidelines and is completed on time and within budget.
  • Trains, mentors and provides expertise to other project team members.


Primary skills: Content Management 

Job Location: Pune