Coordinator- Transition || 1 to 3 years || Mumbai

Consultant- Transition || 1 to 3 years || Mumbai

We are hiring for Transition Consultant role within our team for Mumbai location.


Position Definition


·         The Knowledge Transfer Lead assists engagements in ensuring the coverage and effectiveness of the knowledge transfer is adequate and efficient.







·         Executive Interaction

·         Project Management Skills




Role Description



·         Provide guidance to the Transitions in planning, executing, and monitoring the knowledge transfer for the Service Support team in line with the Transition timelines.





·         Identification of Knowledge transfer requirements.

·         Identification of opportunities for remote Knowledge transfer in order to reduce overall KT costs.

·         Suggestions and agreement on KT success criteria and KT outputs.

·         Planning of Knowledge transfer activities and facilitating infrastructure etc. required for remote KT.

·         Creation of knowledge repository and identification of appropriate KM tools to be used for service delivery.

·         Establish technical knowledge gaps with new team structure and arrange for technical training programs prior to KT, if possible

·         Preparation of KT Plans with the Front Office and ensure that KT covers the relevant areas (in terms of environment, applications, processes, reporting mechanism, technology, current issues).

·         Establish documentation gaps that need to be plugged before cutover to service delivery

·         Agree documentation structure moving forward and mechanics for continuous improvement of content

·         Ensure relevant training and knowledge shadowing

·         Measure KT success and identify areas of concern

·         Produce documentation to plug gaps

·         Co-ordination for translation of documents, if required.


Experience: 1 to 3 years

Location: Mumbai 

Contact: Akshatha S