Data Scientist - 4 to 7 Years - Bangalore

  1. Able to formulate complex business problem using theoretical computer science concepts.
  2. In depth knowledge in SAT, Max-SAT, P-SAT (SAT= Satisfiability).
  3. Knowledge on Model count.
  4. Knowledge on meta heuristics.
  5. MiniSAT, Pyeda or other Satisfiability solvers or libraries for SAT, MAX-SAT, P-SAT.
  6. Knowledge on recommendation system.
  7. Very good programming skill.
  8. Able to apply clustering, classification models using R/Python.
  9. Generates new ideas, takes smart business risks, supports change, encourages innovation, solves problems creatively.
  10. German Language will be plus.
  11. Goes above and beyond -- Takes action that goes beyond job requirements in order to achieve objectives.
  12. Manages a fair workload, volunteers for additional work, prioritizes tasks, develops good work procedures, manages time well, handles information flow.
  13. Responds quickly. Takes immediate action when confronted with a problem or when made aware of a situation.
  14. Takes independent action. Implements new ideas or potential solutions without prompting; does not wait for others to take action or to request action.
  15. Is attentive to detail and accuracy, is committed to excellence, looks for improvements continuously, monitors quality levels, finds root cause of problems.
  16. Demonstrates quality. Personally seeks to add value in every work assignment. Takes ownership in the overall quality of the product/solution.
  17. Takes action - Finds opportunities to improve quality, shows concern for accuracy and completeness of work and takes action to prevent or correct quality problems