Devops Coach

Requirement Name

DevOps Coach

Roles & Responsibilities






















Role in Brief

  1. Planning , Execution, & Transformation
  2. Develop a training plan (goals, concepts, tools, skills, and learning targets)
  3. Collect existing best practices and develop new guidelines
  4. Setup the working environment (access rights, tooling, etc)
  5. Set up inductions on DevOps values, Provide clear understanding of continuous integration, continuous deployment and continuous delivery
    Understand the current implementations and best practices to provide roadmap for further enhancements
  6. Provide suggestions on new concepts and enhance existing process
  7. Conduct sessions for technical on boarding of team members
  8. Setup right culture for DevOps
  9. Motivate team members, Inspire initiation and innovation
  10. Enable and enhance horizontal communication
  11. Remove team silos, Bring in a sense of responsibility
  12. Make DevOps values more visible, Learn and implement new concepts



This is the emerging role within Capgemini: Run the show & set up the practice

Go to the clients, understand their requirements.

Understand their technical & development environment/Methodology/Technology,

Do analysis, come up with RIO (Cost benefit) and suggest the best plan/Technical results & Commercial results,

Create transformation roadmap and Delivery the same.


Candidate has to be competent in Agile coaching and has moved to Devops Coaching

Must have 15+ yrs of Development/Delivery exp in custom development.

Must have a track Record: Delivery to Agile to Devops coaching.

Must be good in practice Development.


Should be ok with 50% travel: Europe/US/Bangalore



Required Skills

Well equipped with DevOps tools and concepts not limited to:

  1. Continous integration (Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, etc)
  2. Version Control Systems (Git, Subversion, github, bitbucket, etc)
  3. Code reviews (Reviewboard, Gerrit, crucible, etc)
  4. Application Deployment (Capistrano)
  5. Operating system administration (Linux, Windows, Mac)
  6. Infrastructure as a service (AWS, Rackspace, Azure, Openstack, etc)
  7. Platform as a service (Heroku, Google App Engine, etc)
  8. Backend as a service (Parse)
  9. Virtualization platforms (VmWare, VirtualBox, Xen, etc)
  10. Configuration Management (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, etc)
  11. Containerization tools (Docker, LXC, Packer)
  12. Application Servers (Tomcat, JBoss, Glassfish, etc)
  13. Webservers (Apache, Nginx, IIS, nodejs)
  14. Caching (Redis, Memcache, Varnish)
  15. Queues (ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, Beanstackd, etc)
  16. Monitoring (NewRelic, Nagios, Cacti, etc)
  17. Logging (Logstash, rsyslog, loggy, papertrail, etc)
  18. Databases (Mysql, Postgres, MariaDb, Cassandra, MongoDb, etc)
  19. Process supervisors (Monit, runit, upstart, etc)
  20. Security (Tripwire, snort, etc)
  21. Performance testing (ab, jmeter, etc)
  22. Content Delivery Networks (edgecast, etc)

Required Experience

18+ years