Endeca Admin - 3 to 6 Years - Mumbai/Bangalore

Short Description

Endeca Admin - 6 to 8 Years - Mumbai / Bangalore


Job Responsibilities

Job Title:-  Endeca Admin L2 Support

Experience:- 6 to 8 Years

Job Location:- Bangalore / Mumbai

Primary Skills:-  At least 3 years in Endeca administration, Experience in handling all the tasks as mentioned above. Individual contributor, to handle tasks independently.
Secondary Skills:- Experience in Servicenow will be an added advantage

Roles & Responsibilities:-  

Oracle Endeca L2 admin support
• 24x7 support activities
• Provision the hosts available to an Endeca implementation.
• Provision the applications available to an Endeca implementation.
• Provision the scripts, such as the report generator script, or a baseline update script to an Endeca implementation.
• Configure SSL settings, report generation, and set up a preview application for dynamic business rule testing.
• Perform system operations such as running baseline updates or starting and stopping the MDEX Engine or Log Server.
• Monitor the status of system components such as Forge, Dgidx, MDEX Engine, Log Server, and Report Generator.
• Backing up and restoring an Endeca project
• Backing up the IAP Workbench configuration files
• Analyzing system logs
• Configuring the IAP Workbench logs
• Changing Endeca HTTP service ports
• Encoding of workflow emails in IAP Workbench
• Managing Users in IAP Workbench
• Managing System Operations with IAP Workbench
• Setting Up the Preview Application for IAP Workbench
• LDAP Integration with IAP Workbench
• SSL Configuration
• Customizing IAP Workbench
• Transferring Endeca Implementations Between Environments


Contact Person - Pratiksha Sonavane