Environment Manager-Chef_4_6_Years_Hyderabad

We are looking for someone who has a solid and successful background driving automation, infrastructure as code, configuration management, provisioning, and tools development for enterprise software and systems. The candidate must have great communication skills and a passion for automating everything, and a sense of ownership. 

• Build and innovate to replace large-scale manual operating processes with scripts and applications. 
• Collaborate and help build utilities and tools hat enable you and your fellow engineers to operate safely at high speed and wide scale. 
• Driving analysis, design, and development of automation tools for configuration, provisioning, deployment, development, and operational tasks. 
• Contribute to build and deploy automation support (CI/CD). 
• Develop infrastructure as code and testable infrastructure. 
• Develop appropriate metrics to demonstrate performance and operational efficiency. 
• Work with developers and the systems engineering team to resolve issues related to application configuration, deployment, or debugging. 
• Work cross-functionally with various teams to drive amazing results. 
• Resolve problems at their root with simple and repeatable solutions. 
• Design automated systems management solutions with self-repair as the goal. 
• Create processes that enhance operation workflow and provide positive customer impact. 
Must have Technical Qualifications: Bachelors or higher in computer science, electrical engineering, or equivalent. 
• Hands-on Experience using configuration management software like CFEngine, Chef, Salt, Puppet, or Ansible. 
• Experience with CI tools such as Atlassian Bamboo or Jenkins. 
• Experience with Build Tools such as Ant, Maven, and Gradle. 
• Good understanding of build pipeline, packaging, and artifact management. 
• Strong automation background with CI/CD tools: Dependency managers, TFS, Git, Jenkins, JIRA, Confluence, VMWare Application Director, Chef, Packer, Terraform, Vagrant, Docker 
• Proficient level in programming and scripting languages such as Bash, Python, Ruby, or PowerShell. 
• Experience with virtualization technologies such as VMware or Xen with systems administration (Linux and Windows) background.
Experience with agile methodologies and practices. 
• Extensive experience working with Linux and Windows in an enterprise production environment. 
• Experience supporting Windows environments using PowerShell or Chef or other management tool. 
• Experience with API driven infrastructure. 
• Experience in supporting microservice architecture. 
• Experience using containers is a plus (Docker, LXC). 
• Experience with public clouds is a plus (AWS, Azure, RackSpace). 
Desirable skills: 
• Knowledge supporting Java application servers such as Apache Tomcat or JBOSS. 
• Experience supporting databases including backup and recovery procedures such as MySQL and MongoDB. 
• Knowledge supporting and implementing Microsoft Active Directory Services. 
• Good understanding of security and systems best practices. 
• An understanding of network engineering and security principles (e.g. protocols, routing, switching, filtering, firewall rules, etc.