GL, C / C++ - 3 to 6 years - Pune

Geological Visualization / Simulation - C,C++– Consultant – Pune

Required skills and Job responsibilities

  • Geological Visualization / Simulation / Game development
  • OpenGL / Unigine / Unity3D / Other Game engine
  • 3D Maths / Computational Geometry
  • 3D Rendering & Shader development
  • Experience in writing optimized code and exposure to threads.
  • Good experience with cross platform product development
  • Good experience on C++ Windows and Linux development environment
  • Experience to Sockets, ZMQ, Boost, Google Protocol Buffers, CGAL is added plus
  • Should be well versed in boost, templates, multithreading, socket programming and OOPS concepts.

Open GL, C / C++, Geological Visualization / Simulation / 3D Rendering / 3D Geometry and Math / C++, Linux/Unix, Boost, Git, Multithreading,Agile

  • Working experience in Game Engines like:
    • Unity3d
    • Unreal
    • Crytek
    • Havok
  • Graphics technology
  • DirectX 10/11/12
  • Good to experience in
  • Shader programming


  • Candidate will be required to design, develop and maintain a high performance, large scale application.
  • Knowledge of database programming is essential. Experience with Postgres will be preferred.
  • Basic understanding of the build system is required. (Knowledge of Make files is must, good to have Cmake understanding)
  • Should identify test scenarios and write and implement unit test cases for development activities performed.
  • Should be comfortable exploring 3rd party libraries and open source code bases and efficiently using them.
  • Experience with configuration management tools like Git/svn is necessary.


• Good understanding of GIS and various coordinate systems.

• Exposure to writing Unit tests

• Exposure to scripting language like Python is added plus

• Exposure to POSTGRES POST GIS based spatial queries is added plus

• Exposure to tools like Code Collaboration, JIRA, Confluence, Contour, Git, CMake, Buildbot is added plus

• Any exposure to mining software or CAD packages a plus.


Primary skills: Embedded C, C++

Job Location: Pune