Internal Communication - 8 t0 15yrs - Mumbai

Internal Communications Lead


About the Organization/Business Unit

The candidate will be a part of the Communications stream under Marketing & Creative Services (MACS) and will be responsible for communications support to a Capgemini Group business entity.


 Job Summary: Responsible for delivering all aspects of employee-focused communications, information collation, and dissemination for a global strategic business unit in Capgemini called ‘Business Services’. The candidate has to clearly communicate information about the business, its services, operational activities and people.


  • Develop  internal communications plan and calendar that is aligned to the business priorities of the entity
  • Identify appropriate target audience and deliver messages via the appropriate channel
  • Execute the Internal Communications plan, pro-actively liaising with contributors, stakeholders, and subject matter experts
  • Strongly support the Business solutions internal campaigns launch working in close collaboration with the Marketing team
  • Keep the  intranet updated with latest news & information
  • Support the organization  in major internal events and fully contribute to the staging of these events
  • Bring innovation to communications through  the various channels
  • Analyze the communications regularly and submit Internal Communications impact reports to the business
  • Work with the Marketing & Communication (M&C)team to plan, review, and edit all internal communication


Key Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • 1. Should also be able to understand the business’ priorities, strategies and requirements and design comms strategies and plans based on these business needs and priorities
    2. Supporting and ensuring that all BUs within the SBU are aligned to the priorities of the SBU through their internal comms team with regular touch point calls
    3. Should be able to network with colleagues from the business, leaders and communications teams

    Group Related
    1. Working on and promoting Group internal campaigns and initiatives such as the “Power Of One” in 2016
    2. Sending SBU level inputs for Team Time and Leaders View (for H1 and FY)
    3. Attending and participating in the ICN calls, Talent Checkpoint calls, SBU Comms Leads call and master classes

    SBU Leadership Related
    1. A2A related work – working with Univ comms and the A2A SBU core committee to chalk out the A2A Comms Plan annually (starting November) and ensure that the branding is consistent across the event and follows into the rest of the year at the SBU level
    2. Planning and supporting the VP Web Event with the SBU leaders and organising the event with the vendors
    3. Drafting and disbursing CEO and other leadership messages to the intended target audiences (SBU CEO’s New Year and End of Year message, video messages, other messages on ACCESS and other programs and the SBU leadership team)
    4. Exec Com Mumbai – supporting and covering Exec Com Mumbai when it happens

    SBU Initiatives
    1. Planning the AppsTwo SBU Internal Comms calendar for the year taking into account the interests, priorities of the Group and SBU and all stake-holders
    2. Designing and managing of internal campaigns (WOW and “i”) on Talent and promoting them on Yammer and through other channels
    3. Designing and managing of features (Delivery Diamonds & Add-On Awardees) on Talent and promoting them on Yammer and through other channels
    4. Writing, publishing and cross-promoting of news, announcements on Talent and promoting them on Yammer and other through channels
    5. Planning for the year, organizing topics and speakers for both webcast series (Portfolio & Delivery) with their respective hosts and sponsors with the support of the webcast support teams, and moderating and hosting of the webcasts
    6. Preparing and releasing newsletters, mailers, digests to their respective relevant audiences such as
    a. the bi-monthly AppsTwo SBU Newsletter
    b. H1 and FY Comms Digest
    c. Industrialization newsletter
    7. Managing the DLs, hub private pages of the SBU
    8. Managing the generic mail ids of the SBU
    9. Checking periodically for Org Changes and updating on the hub
    10. Analyzing and working on the Talent hub stats to see how our users are doing in relation to the hub

    Local BU Related:
    1. Supporting local comms initiatives within the local BU where this resource is located (this may be a local BU requirement)

  • Internal Comms Strategy & Plan: Develop, plan and execute the internal comms strategy & plan
  • Events: Responsible for planning and execution of major internal events, leveraging content within the business and across the Group
  • Messaging: Create appropriate messages and promote them using varied channels to maximize engagement, including newsletters and messages to target communities, articles on the Group’s Internal Communications platforms, and the intranet.
  • Target audience & tools: Identify target audience and deliver message through appropriate channels; master and leverage all Group Communications tools, including social media tools
  • Reporting: Collect and consolidate all data for the business unit M&C Dashboard (monthly).
  • Network: Ensure active participation in the Internal Communications Network (ICN)


    Key Relationships:

  • Work closely with Business Unit’s M&C team and Group M&C network to align the Internal communication plan to Global M&C plan
  •  Work closely with the webmaster to regularly update the Intranet hub according to the branding principles to ensure global visibility & accessibility
  • Maintain close contact with Executives, SMEs , stakeholders, at global and local level to leverage the business, services, operational activities and people globally
  • Work with Business Unit’s HR & L&D team to support employee communications


    Job Specifications & Qualifications:

  • Strong project management and communication skills
  • Very high standards of both spoken and written English
  • University degree in marketing, journalism, media studies, or related qualification


    Experience: 8 to 15yrs


     Key Competencies:

  • Grade: C or recently promoted to Grade D
  •  Education – preferably a graduate/post-grad in Journalism, English Literature, Mass or Visual Communications or an equivalent degree or work experience in writing, publishing, journalism, mass communication
  •  Work Experience – preferably someone with a Corp Communications, Mass Communication, Editor or Journalist’s background
  • Language & Presentation – Should be a proficient user of the English language (mandatory requirement) with proficiency in the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and grammar and vocabulary with good presentation skills (virtual and real-time
  • Should be a creative individual who can initiate, visualize and manage campaigns, brands,
  • Ability to translate strategy into tactics
  • Strong project management skills.


Sharon Susan Tom