iOS App Development - 4 to 6 years - Bangalore

Hiring for iOS App Development for Bangalore Location


Job Specification: Developer/Senior Developer (iOS App Development)


• Minimum 4-7 years experience as development engineer in the area of mobile SW development

• Successful track record in development of iOS apps - one or more apps published in the App Store. (Provide app store link – 2 minimum)
• Competent in iOS SDK and Xcode
• OOPS Concepts & Experience in Objective C
• iPhone SDK 6.0 controls
• Bindings, crash, memory leakage, debugging tools
• Design and Architect the iOS application
• Knowledge of two or more iOS frameworks (Open GL, CoreLocation, Map kit, CoreBluetooth)
• Should be strong in integrating with back-end systems through web services (XML/JSON Parsing and SOAP)
• Database knowledge like Core Data and SQLite
• Should be good in Webservices integration( Synchronous/Asynchronous)
• Should be aware of Data Structures and Algorithms, threads and Memory Management
• Ability to write production quality code and to work from and maintain existing code-bases
• Programming skills on Android or Microsoft Mobile platforms a plus
• Experience in team environment, including design, coding, and revision control practices
• Excellent communication and team work skills
• Ability to quickly learn new technologies

Job Responsibilities
• Develop and maintain apps and apps framework components for in-vehicle smart phone applications
• Produce and maintain well-documented code
• Debug and fixing of bugs
• Perform code reviews
• Perform unit testing (manual and automated)
• Assist in streamlining development processes and procedures