Java Developer--3to5 years--Mumbai

Java Developer--3to6years--Mumbai location

We are hiring JAVA developer--3to6 years--Mumbai location

Internal job description:

  • Strong experience in Java, Spring, Struts, Hibernet, Angular JS
  • Spring-Understand DI / IOC concepts
  • Thorough knowledge & experience in various modules of the spring framework - spring mvc, dependency injection, data access framework, txn mgt, remote access, etc.
  • Struts-Clear understanding of the Struts framework and MVC concepts. Exposure to developing web apps using Struts, Ajax, Jquery
  • Hibernate-Understand the significance and applicability of ORM and diff between JPA, JDO and Hibernate
  • Exposure to the HQL, Hibernate API, Annotations,
  • Core Java-OOPs, Polymorphism, Inhetitance, Overloading, JDBC, Exception handling, Multithreading, Networking, AWT, Swings, reflection


Years of experience:3to6 years