Java Developer 5years-7years Bangalore

 Java Developers
Must have:
- Minimum 4 years of relevant experience
- Java version 5 or later
- Experience in Spring (Core, MVC), Hibernate, JPA, Webservices (REST, SOAP)
- Application Servers (Weblogic, JBoss, Apache)
Good to have:
- Working experience in Agile / Scrum
- Working knowledge on Maven
>>>>>>>>>> Technical requirement for 'Hibernate' <<<<<<<<<<
Understand the significance and applicability of ORM and diff between JPA, JDO and Hibernate. 
Exposure to the HQL, Hibernate API, Annotations,
>>>>>>>>>> Technical requirement for 'SOAP' <<<<<<<<<<
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of - Structure of SOAP messages, diff between REST and SOAP messages, webservices, XPATH, XSLT, JAXB, JAXP, DOM, SAX, JAX RPC vs JAX WS, etc.