JAVA Technical PM_8-12 Yrs_Mumbai

Java Technical Project Manager-8 to 12 yrs-Mumbai

We are looking to hire Java Developer - 8 to 12 Yrs - Mumbai Location

Technical PM;

  • Managing Java/Web based development projects having atleast team size of 10.
  • Strong understanding of B2B commerce/eCommerce domain.
  • Participating in technical dicussions with TA, Soultion achitects.
  • Experience in Agile, driving improvments, guiding team.
  • Customer communication.
  • Hybris knowledge and eCommerce domain would be good to have.
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of JSPs and Servlets, MVC pattern, etc. Use of JSP scriplets, expressions and directives, JSP tag libraries, etc.
  • Understand DI / IOC concepts. Thorough knowledge & experience in various modules of the spring framework - spring mvc, dependency injection, data access framework, txn mgt, remote access, etc.
  • Understand the significance and applicability of Java persistence API in EJB3.0 and diff between JPA, JDO and Hibernate. Exposure to the JPA apis as well as JPQL.

Primary Skill: Java

Secondary skill: MVC

Job Location: Mumbai

Experinece : 8 to 12 Yrs

Contact Person : Anurag Kumar