Lead Engineer - Oracle RDB

6+ years’ experience as a DBA of Oracle RDB databases. Must demonstrate strong database administration skills in Oracle RDB, with an in-depth understanding of “how RDB works”. Extensive knowledge of Oracle RDB including but not limited to configuration, management, security and SQL/services and JDBC configuration. Strong knowledge of OpenVMS systems and management. Fluent with DCL programming and troubleshooting. Excellent trouble-shooting/problem-solving skills for complex issues. The ability to visualize problems, identify likely causes and develop effective solutions. Demonstrate proficient software engineering (development) skills -- specifically related to the development of system-management tools for RDB, DBMS and VMS environments. Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, in a professional manner, with customers and co-workers. Excellent interpersonal skills. Positive attitude and demeanor. Highly motivated, with a proven track-record of being self-directed. Bachelor’s degree in technical area OR technical training equivalent.