Linux Admin 8-12 Yrs (Mumbai)

Position : Linux Admin

Experience Required : 7 to 12 Years

Job Location : Mumbai / Bangalore / Hyderabad

Job summary

(Linux Admin)

  • Red Hat LINUX Power Engineering 
    • Scripting knowledge, specifically with Perl and Korn shell 
    • Willing to work 24/7 
    • Redhat Satellite Server 
    • Day to day pro active monitoring. 
    • Capacity Planning. 
    • OS installation and troubleshooting 
    • Patch installation and management 
    • Must be able to determine when a server is in a "distressed" state, e.g. network performing badly, short of swap space, short of RAM, overloaded CPU, overloaded I/O subsystem.
  • Understand how to gather more information and recommend a solution
  • Proficient with network tools such as iptables, Linux IPVS, HAProxy, etc.
  • Experience installing, configuring, and maintaining services such as Bind, Apache, MySQL, nginx, et