PM Operations Specialist || 4 to 7years || Mumbai

PM Operations specialist  || 4 to 7 years || Mumbai

We are hiring for PM Operations specialist  within our team in Mumbai location.

Specification/ Skill/ Experience

P&L Budget Working with management and create the P&L Budget from bottom up perspective
PO/ GPS Creating SWAP PO´s in beginning of the year and managing the PO process in SES
BCS Creating and filling in BCS for the year
N2K Budget Estimating and filling in N2K Budget in the beginning of the year from the BCS. This includes alignment of P&L and N2K Budgets

P&L Forecast Allign changes in the P&L Forecast with the Account & Delivery Managers
N2K forecast Explain the Actual and align the upcoming N2K forecast changes
WIP/Invoicing follow up Check WIP positions and follow up on invoicing done and expected coming invoicing
Itesoft follow up Check Itesoft and question invoices coming in and put up as recurring etc
Balance Account follow up Check reconciliation and clean up balance accounts if needed
AR follow up Check so our sent invoices get´s paid and if not get someone checking with the client
AP follow up Supporting so our supplier payments are done and help solving when not
External Audit Support the external audit and fill en appendixes and answer questions etc

Other activities :
• Collaborate across business functions (Delivery, HR, Sales, Finance) / units/ clusters and support management in deriving the business KPIs - Booking, Revenue, CM, GOP
• Manage end to end operations which includes Annual Planning (Budget), Forecasting, and tracking of actuals
• Standardization of Procurement to Pay process at unit level
• Ensuring Standardization to drive consistency across the reporting systems - N2K, ESR and with Finance
• Institutionalize Operational Cadence and Reporting that includes Unit heads ,AE, DE, EMs and Finance control
• Improve Forecasting, Revenue Booking, and Client Invoicing process
• Support business initiatives at SES level.- Lean A3, One team Spirit, Management Adhoc reporting

Location: Mumbai

Experience: 4 to 7 years



Akshatha S

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