Programmer/Developer - WebSphere Message Broker

Short Description

  • Knowledge of migration v7 to v9. Knowledge and experience to utilize the connectivity, transformation, and mediation capabilities of the WebSphere Message Broker V7.0. Ability to analyze, design, and deploy message models using the WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit.
  • Design, develop, test, debug, and deploy message flows via the WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit by using ESQL, Java, graphical mapping tools, and pattern features.
  • Integrate legacy applications, web services, databases, Java applications and business process management services in order to build advanced Enterprise Service Bus solutions.
  • Understand concepts related to scalability, high availability, security, the general use of adapters, and workload balancing in the WebSphere Message Broker environment.
  • Understanding of Eclipse, Java, JMS and JDBC, XML and XpathBasic, SOAP and WSDLBasic with good understanding of databases and SQLExperience with WebSphere MQExperience with the solution development life cycle should know industry standards for security.



Shubhalakshmi Rao