Project Lead -Linux & AIX Server Administration

Job Descriptions

Apply software patches, upgrades and

Server ticket support

Server monitoring and alert handling

Create, maintain and delete user accounts
per request

Hardware replacements - submit CRs and
coordinate with vendors

Schedule and verify the completion of jobs
such as clones on weekly / daily basis

Reports: Critical file changes (daily)*
Password audit (monthly) * Server logs (weekly)* Generate metrics to trend
performance (monthly)

Perform server back up and restores

Develop, debug and maintain shell scripts

Produce documentation related to any / all

Train and mentor other team members

Provide on-call support whenever required

Must be proficient with all day to day system
administration activities: Dealing with Disk and memory growth activities /Dealing
with high system utilization problems / Dealing with runaway processes / File
transfer issues /Cron tab usage for scheduling jobs /Account management /Creating,
maintaining, deleting print queues