Qualified Chartered Accountant_0 to 1 Year

Short Description

Knowledge of Basic Accounting principles - Types of accounts, rules etc.
Basic knowledge of taxation - Direct taxes, Indirect taxes - difference etc.


Job Responsibilities

1. Knowledge of General Process/activities in a Purchasing Department/Functionality or in sales Department/Functionality
2. Does know the use of Financial Reports such as Cash Flow statement, P&L Statement, Balance Sheet
3. Does know and has hands on experience on the basic finance activities such as Bank Reconciliation, finalization of Accounts, Branch Accounting on ERP system (Oracle preferred)
4. Knowledge of Vendor Payment Processes/types and work experience therein
5. Knowledge of Customer Billing and collection processes and work experience therein.
6. Knowledge of Accounting Standards such as Revenue Recognition, Deferred Expense Accounting, Depreciation Accounting, Asset Capitalization etc
7. Knowledge of different types of enterprises such as Partnership, Pvt. Ltd. Company, Public Ltd Company and basic difference among them
8. Knowledge of Costing Methods and basic difference among them
9. Detail knowledge of financial ratios/concepts such as NPV, Future value, Return on Investment
10. Conceptual knowledge of 'Project Costing' terms

General Skills
1. Good English Communication (Verbal and Written)
2. Hands on experience in use of MS Excel Functions (Basic functions such as vlookup, concatenation etc)
3. Work experience in Financial ERP system (Oracle preferred) either as User or any other role - Such candidates will be preferred

Educational Qualification with experience
1. Qualified Chartered Accountants