Resource Management 4years-7years Mumbai

Resource Management 4years-7years

Required skills and Job responsibilities

  • Lead Offshore Demand Management team Serve as escalation point for offshore demand function related issues/conflicts Provide offshore demand input/trend analysis to RSC team Guide Offshore Demand Managers to achieve CM improvement at Account level Collect and provide offshore demand input for headcount forecast Implement offshore demand function standardization and improvements Review/approve offshore input into BU dashboard
  • Key Metrics: Partner with BU leaders, IDP leaders & Managers, CBP, and Demand and Deployment Managers to ensure on time offshore demand fulfillment Utilization CM
  • Demand Lead Responsibilities (cont.) : Secondary Metrics: Offshore demand fulfillment for project-based roles Offshore Demand prioritization and fulfillment accuracy Minimize past due open needs (less than X% of overall past due roles) Fulfill X% of demand @ or below level, timeframe, accuracy Containment and management of escalations and urgent needs Oversight/escalation of Offshore Demand fulfillment and if necessary, help increase Offshore leverage Support pyramid targets for account: GX, contractor (target less than X% of SL head count as project contractors), campus hires QA of Data Accuracy & Management – PACE (Staffing Open Needs)
  • Proactive identification of strategic sector and service line demand and skills QA of weekly/monthly reporting offshore demand forecast accuracy BU leaders, CBP, and Demand and Supply Managers satisfaction Successful link/client partnering with key stakeholders in SLs, BU’s and People Supply Chain (PSC)

Demand Manager Responsibilities:

  • Serve as SPOC for Account & Partner with Account Understand upcoming demand early in the process Collaborate to create staffing plans in alignment with BU staffing strategies Coordinate NBD support with Deployment Managers Obtain and manage Staffing Trackers & communicate demand to appropriate stakeholders
  • Create and maintain WWS needs (utilize Needs Management/Analyst) Provide Account reporting Manage fulfillment of onshore roles including ERM & cross-functional staffing Hold Offshore BU Ops accountable for project staffing Coordinate visa process with Account (with plans to involve Demand Analyst in the future) Drive ongoing CM improvement at Account level Provide data on end dates, roll-offs and extensions
  • Build strong relationship with Account Leadership, CBP, DpMs, ERM

Demand Analyst Responsibilities :

  • Provide data integrity reporting, analysis and follow up Create and maintain WWS needs (coordination with Needs Management Team) Provide reporting: CM Improvement BU Implement demand data capture process improvement with direction from Demand Lead
  • The Demand Manager is accountable and will initially be responsible for the following items, with plans to involve the Demand Analyst in the future: iSOW/MICA Visa process Account reporting Drive effective project onboarding

Deployment Lead Responsibilities :

  • Lead Deployment Management team Serve as escalation point for function related issues/conflicts Work with Deployment Managers to create ADRC reduction plans Implement deployment function standardization and improvements Validate headcount forecast Provide guidance to Resource Supply Chain (RSC) process Drive data integrity monitoring & follow up with Deployment Service Line Leads Monitor utilization and work with Deployment Managers on action plans Guide process for involuntary actions (HR, Capacity, Legal)

Deployment Service Line Lead Responsibilities :

  • Lead will be identified for Service Lines with multiple Deployment Managers, otherwise these are the responsibility of the Deployment Manager Manage skill taxonomy/competency trees Complete Service Line headcount forecast Participate in RSC planning and drive execution Execute ADRC reduction plan Serve as first line escalation point for Service Line Leadership, Demand Managers Monitor data integrity and follow up as needed First line escalation point Validate Service Line dashboard & present on Service Line call

Deployment Manager Responsibilities :

  • Collaborate with Demand Managers on staffing plans, recommended sourcing strategies Manage supply side of staffing process Manage utilization/beach Compile, enter & maintain data in the Retain system (Analyst support for non-time sensitive updates) Create and maintain Strategic & Pipeline WWS needs in line with RSC beach guidelines (utilize Needs Management/Analyst) Drive Recruiting process, both project and strategic/pipeline Support/Guide Capability teams – reporting, calls, training plans Partner with HR - Triage attrition cases, performance management Facilitate productive use of beach time Follow up on forecast to actuals variances Provide resource visa data (with plans to involve Deployment Analyst in the future) Build strong relationships with Demand Managers, Service Line leadership and resources

Deployment Analyst Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with Deployment Managers to create and manage database of Service Line roles and job descriptions Complete Retain system updates (non-time sensitive)
  • Perform data audit and clean up, following up with Deployment Manager as needed
  • Provide Service Line reporting Perform resource data compliance follow-ups and system updates
  • Analyze forecast to actuals and provide to Deployment Manager Perform skill searches for representative request Support Deployment Manager in onboarding new hires/transfers
  • Set up the framework to manage beach time in partnership with Deployment Managers Deployment Managers are accountable and initially responsible for providing resource visa data, with plans to involve the Deployment Analyst in the future


Primary Skill: Resource Management

Job Location: Mumbai

Experience: 4 to 7 years