Primary Skill. Asset Management,Configuration
Secondary Skill. Asset Management

•Performs the day-to-day overall management of the configuration management processes.
•Ensuring that information held in the CMDB is accurate
•Defining and maintaining the configuration management plan.
•Ensures that all configuration management process activities are being performed
•Coordinates the activities with other service management process managers/Teams
•Coordinates day-to-day execution of the process.
•Identifying and implementing changes to the processes as and when required in line with the CSI Practice.
•Identifying exceptions and deviations, as well as management of these situations in line with the CSI Practice.
•Communicating new and changed Configuration management policies
•Ensuring the standards and procedures are being followed as per the global processes
•During transition: Identifying CI attributes to be logged.
•During transition: Planning and executing initial population of CMDB
•Identifying and implementing process improvement in line with the CSI Practice.
•Creating, analyzing and distributing process reports
•Facilitate resolution of issues with items not complying with the process
•Following defined escalation path when needed, as defined in the escalation policy.
•Notifying the participants in the process when standards and procedures are not being followed
•Ensure completeness and integrity of information collected to conduct daily operations
•Establishment of measurements and targets to improve process effectiveness and efficiency
•Responsible for evaluating the performance of the process
•Involved into auditing of the process for compliance with documented procedures
•Ensure Incident and Change records are correctly linked to the CIs.
•Reduction of unidentified / unauthorized CIs in the CMDB
•Drive the Reconciliation & Discovery (manual or automated) for Configuration & impleunidement milestones on timely basis.
•Conduct scheduled Audit of RFC's & Incidents having CI Relationship & provide report to Support Leads & Management
•Educate Skill Groups & key stakeholders by providing configuration management process training if required time to time.
•Educate Skill Groups on the significance of CI Relationship for RFC & setup expectations with stakeholders to increase the CI Relationship for RFC's.
•Ensure efficient & timely follow-up with stakeholders for timely deliveries on configured management activities
•Ensure the required management reports go out on time
•Work towards implementation of at-least 1 process improvement per quarter in Configuration Management Area
•work with SACM SME/Manager/Lead and help to close points in Continuous Improvement List
•Conduct ongoing process assessment of opportunities for improvement as suggested by Project Leads


Nirmala B