Senior Software Engineer - Arbotext Epic Editor / Sap / Adobe Frame Maker

7-8 years of experience in creation and revision of technical manuals that includes Maintenance Manual, system Description, Illustrated Parts Catalogue, Wiring Manual, Fault Isolation Manual, Components Maintenance Manual, Service Bulletin, Training Manual, etcS1000D expertise in development of business rules, authoring regulations and data module requirement list for a new technical publication set up.Technical publication management that includes change analysis, authoring, illustration, quality reviews, root cause analysis, training, etcManual CreationManuals MaintenanceChange AnalysisVersion ManagementPublishing of DocumentsEmerging TechnologyCo-ordinate with client/supplier/Design office and support team activities, resolving internal queries planning and delivery follow up Job descriptionTech Pub Tools : Arbotext Epic Editor, Sap, Adobe Frame Maker, Quicksilver, Auto-Trol (Tech Illustrator), Adobe Products (Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D PDF, 3D Via ComposerAware of following Tech Publication Standards: Tech Pub Standards: S1000D, ATA 100, ATA iSpec 2200, DITA, AECMA STE