Senior Software Engineer - Python

Must to have

Minimum of
4+ years of development experience of multithreaded applications with
Python using object oriented programmingExperience in handling file I/O,
programming using exceptions, performing database connections and operations,
handling configuration files in pythonBasic understanding of the build systemExperience of using Python unit test
frameworkCandidate will be required to design,
develop and maintain a high performance, large scale application.Should be able to work with templates,
multithreading, socket programming and OOPS concepts.Knowledge of database programming is
essential. Experience with Postgres will be preferred.Basic understanding of the build system is
required.Should identify test scenarios and write
and implement unit test cases for development activities performed.Should be comfortable exploring 3rd party
libraries and open source code bases and efficiently using them.Experience with configuration management
tools like Git/svn is necessary.