Senior Technical Architect - TIBCO

TIBCO SUPPORT AND OPERATIONS TEAMS.Understand TIBCO business process and having solid experience
working on TIBCO BW,EMS,Hawk,Adapters,Administrator. Develop plans by agreeing scope with sponsor; identifying tasks
based on the standard Methodology; identifying skills required for the tasks;
developing a draft project plan As the end-to-end responsibility of the process at steady state
lies with the process manager, the foremost responsibility is to ensure that
the work is effectively completed as per defined parameters. Supposed to plan day-to-day activities, such that the targets are
met and exceeded. Manage working resources by identifying appropriate staff
??Coordinate with various departments(IT, IS QC, Admin)Gross Margin contribution 2 Quality - Responsible for ensuring
that her/his team is following Adherence the set standards while ensuring
timely completion of work. Monitor effectiveness of work processes and its relationship to
customer satisfaction; and recommend changes if any. Use knowledge of service delivery to give inputs to quality
department Establishing quality review procedures based on the standard
Methodology; establishing checkpoints; establishing levels of review Ensure appropriate infrastructure exists in team 3 People
Management Coach and guide his team towards more effective target adherence. Identify talent and contributing towards growing careers;
implements process to ensure the development of associates, consistent with the
available opportunities and individual career objectives. Considering the repetitive nature of the job, the onus of not
letting it affect the performance of the team lies with the process manager. Keep high levels of motivation Works on training team on Process Improvement Contribute to improvement of processes organization; increase
productivity and reduce costs Effective utilization of resources Ensuring The responsibility of ensuring Appropriate infrastructure for
smooth functioning of the process lies with the Process Manager Client
Interface Role involves interaction as and when required Customer billing/invoicing Single point of contact for customer at steady state ?Periodic
reviews with customers