Teamcenter Enterprise Developers /Architects - 3 to 11 yrs - Bangalore /Pune

Roles & Responsibilities:

Customize, implement and support of TeamCenter Enterprise applications

Technical Specification:


  • OOPs, Polymorphism, Inhetitance, Overloading, JDBC, Exception handling, Multithreading, Networking, AWT, Swings, reflection
  • Experience in Method and Model coding using ITK API.
  • Experience in designing workflow and license management
  • Experience in delivering custom solutions to customer specific environments.
  • Hands on experience implementing and customizing Teamcenter Enterprise modules like BOM management and change management.
  • Must be familiar with Distributed Teamcenter enterprise system Architecture and Class structure.
  • Must have programming experience in C, C++, and java.
  • Unix Shell scripting knowledge is an added advantage.
  • Should possess Knowledge of SQL and oracle database architecture.

Experience: 3 to 11 yrs

Job Locations: Bangalore /Pune

Primary Skill:

  • Teamcenter Enterprise